Early Stages – Baby & Me

9.30am - 11am
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Orange Bloom Studio

Becoming a parent can be tough; that’s why we think you deserve a helping hand in those early times.

This course is designed to give you practical ways to help you parent more effectively, whilst also giving you the support you need as you find your feet in your new role.

We’ll teach you baby massage techniques that you can use wherever you are with your baby, that will help alleviate common problems such as colic symptoms, trapped wind and constipation, as well as promoting positive attachment, strengthening muscle tone and improving the quality of sleep. In turn this will help encourage your own confidence in parenting your baby by giving you tangible tools to help soothe them, encourage positive interactions with your baby, reduce postnatal depression rates and…improve quality of sleep!

We also want to make sure you’re well supported during those all-important early days of parenthood which is why we actively encourage you to make friends, chat and support each other with a dedicated brew time after the physical component of the class. Maternal support from an experienced professional postnatally as well as peer support from others in the same boat, is invaluable to new parents.

This course is suitable for all babies from 4-6 weeks old until crawling. All caregivers are welcome however if the adult in attendance isn’t the mother please be aware that a large part of the group will have a maternal focus.

For more details and booking go to https://stockportbirthservices.com/services/early-stages/