Kids &

Teen Yoga

Emotional and physical well-being of children is a big focus for parents, schools and anyone in contact with kids. Enabling children to manage stress and increase in confidence is a huge responsibility that we are all facing.

I am an experienced adult & kids yoga teacher with a family of my own and I know how yoga and mindfulness can have a massive impact on not only the well-being of children but also the adults around them.

My aims are

  • To help children become body aware
  • Enable children to begin to identify emotions and how they feel
  • Show children how management of breath can help them feel safe, calm and able to communicate more clearly
  • Help combat anxiety and stress
  • Increase concentration
  • Create a fun but structured environment for children to express themselves and learn new skills that will directly impact on their well-being throughout their life

My style

For younger children my teaching style is story based, so we will go on an adventure with the children using our bodies to move, our breath to energise/calm and then we end with a little relaxation.

For tweens and teens we can discuss a theme, perhaps working with something they are already exploring.

Age groups

I focus on children between 3-8 however I am quite interested in the preschool/primary age as I have a little one of my own and just know how much they love it.


Sessions last approx. 30/45 minutes depending on the age group and how it fits into the day.
Pricing is dependent on booking one or several sessions, the length, the location and the commitment – I will provide a bespoke package

I provide the mats if needed and all other equipment.


  • Part of the curriculum – I am able to offer a class within the school/preschool day
  • After school club – in some instances I can offer an after-school club option
  • One off wellness initiatives – if your school/nursery/group is exploring a month of wellness, or a national wellness day etc I am happy to come and offer a one of session or several in one day.
  • Homeschooling groups – to take place at the studio
  • Brownies, Scouts and other youth groups
  • I also run kids parties!

For more information please contact me on