Orange Bloom Yoga

What does Orange Bloom stand for?

We belive in INCLUSIVE YOGA! Your Yoga, your way. Your yoga practise should bring you exactly what you need. Each time you step on the mat yoga can deliver unique benefits, from increasing your flexibility and strength to bringing peace and mindfulness into your life. You should leave your mat smiling and full of joy.

Everyone will approach yoga differently. For some its all about the physical, becoming more flexible and being able to stand on their head. Others are looking for a gentler way to move their bodies, or they would like to explore the mindful and relaxation benefits yoga can bring.


Your Yoga Your Way

However you want to approach yoga there is no wrong way! We are here to support whatever choices you want to make and advise you on how to get the most out of your practice.

All Orange Bloom classes are an inclusive, fun, friendly and an open place to be. We ask all students to leave judgement at the door, judgement of others and themselves. We will aim to make your practise as rewarding as possible no matter what!

Orange Bloom Yoga Values

FRIENDLY – It has never been so important for us to build community so we encourage a friendly, judgement-free atmosphere that gets all our people laughing, sharing and having fun. 

INCLUSIVE - All sizes, shapes and ages; yoga is accessible to all. If we can’t deliver the special attention that a student needs we will make sure we help them to find it.

RELAXED - You may have come in for a flow class or even a wake up and shake up but we also want you to relax your mind and body. All classes include a much deserved savasana and we want everyone to embrace their little piece of stillness.

EMPOWERING - You should leave all of our classes feeling so totally awesome and rocking. Whether its been super relaxed or you have got your flow on we want you empowered in your body, mind and soul. 

Corporate Yoga

Wellness days in offices, schools or even now via zoom can feel like a hard earned day of zen.

One-to-One Sessions

We offer friendly, professional and effective one-to-one yoga sessions to achieve your goals. Get your yoga in our Stockport Studio or online.

Your Yoga Questions

We offer online and in person classes throughout the week. If you would prefer to take part in live classes from the comfort of your own home then sign up!

Next Workshop

We have some lovely online and in person yoga workshops coming up this year check them out.