What IS your yoga teacher doing when your in Savasana?

You’ve done your practice, you have settled down on your mat, blanket is on, perhaps even an eye pillow. Your teacher lulls you into a wakeful sleeping state where your body is completely relaxed. For 10 minutes (or more if your lucky) you float in a dreamlike state relaxing your body, mind and soul (well that’s the idea). But what on earth is your teacher doing?!

Once the guidance has stopped and the room has gone silent what is he/she doing with their 10 minutes? Finding nirvana? Walking around checking whose nodded off? Staring into space thinking about what’s for dinner?  

Well I cant speak for every yoga teacher but from a few that I’ve spoken to and my own experience we could be doing any number of things!

We are watching – so not in a creepy way but one of the pleasures in sharing yoga is to watch how people react. If I notice some shuffling a lot then perhaps I need to help that person relax a bit more. If I see someone has completely conked out then perhaps I need to watch for snoring!

Energy healing – a lot of teachers work with energy, maybe reiki or similar. So some of us are taking a meditation of our own and sending you healing vibes. Whether your into that kind of thing or not you might notice the energy shift and you feel you can let go a little bit more.

Keeping an eye on the time – you think being in Savansana goes quickly? When your leading it you notice even more. The mind wonders for a moment and before you know it its wiggle your fingers time!

Thinking about dinner – yes I admit it, sometimes I am fighting my stomach rumble and thinking about what’s at home waiting for me! I might be a yogi but I’m still human!