Blog A Poem for all the frist time Yogis out there!

I roll out my mat and quickly look around
A familiar face cant even be found.

All these people sitting and waiting
Whilst I am seriously anticipating.

Teacher starts to talk, something about breath
I must admit I’m frightened to death.

She suddenly moves her hand on my neck
Relax she says, I’m trying…bloomin heck!

We begin to move and it feels pretty good
Others are breathing slow, maybe I should.

Its simple at first but now she got me thinking
Should my hand and toe be linking?

Some things are so far from my reach
But I suppose that’s good, or else what would she teach?

My body is aching and moaning somewhat
Is it me or is this room getting rather hot.

I’m moving and breathing through my nose
My god can I really not touch my toes!

There’s downward dog and something about a tree
Im not sure this yoga stuff is going to suit me.

I can do this I think, oh hang on I’ve fell
Is this really yoga or am I in hell?

But soon I feel a buzzing, inside and out
My goodness that chair pose has some clout!

We’re twisting, releasing and letting go
Into savansathingy…god I don’t know.

So many new words and a heart all a flutter
Its does seem though that my minds lost some clutter.

I walk out the room feeling less like I creek
That was great I say….see you next week!