The Sanctuary Sisters Circle

6.30pm - 8.30pm Once per month
Orange Bloom Studio

This circle is a powerful and re-awaking space for all who identify as female.

Not only will we move through yoga and join together in a guided meditation. But we will also be sharing innate feminine wisdom, chanting, journalling, ritual and positive manifestation. This is not a religious class and is open to all who are open minded about spirit, mother earth and their own spirituality.

Each month we will cover a different theme and hear from guest speakers.

Our next sessions are

Sunday 19th December – Our theme is ENERGY! How to shift it, embrace it and harness it! BOOK NOW

Sunday January 2nd – A special new year new moon workshop from 2pm until 6pm – we will be harnessing the power of the new moon in a fresh year to set intentions, release the past and manifest our year ahead. BOOK NOW

Sunday February 6thBOOK NOW This month theme is ANGER. Do you express your anger, your rage and how can it effect your life. Are you comfortable with anger? Are you good with saying NO?

Sunday March 6thBOOK NOW This months theme is LOVE, more specifically loving your female cycle whether you bleed or not and how to work with it! Our Guest speaker is the wonderful Michelle Brookes a fabulous PT who specialises in working with womens cycles to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Sunday Apil 3rdBOOK NOW This months theme is abundance, what is it we have been inviting in so far this year and lets check with with what we really want to be abundant in. We will also be discussing crystals that might help…or might not!

Sunday May 1st – BOOK NOW This month theme is magic! More specifically our feminie magic and how we can tap into it a little more. We will be talking all things witchy and how women in history have been disconnected from our power.

Sunday June 5th – BOOK NOW

Sunday July 3rd – BOOK NOW

Simply book through our teamup booking system or email with any questions or to volunteer as a speaker!

If your interested in joining our Sanctuary Sisters Collective find our more HERE…..

Please read our Covid policy before booking, we are an inclusive studio and if you think you require any additional help please do get in touch for a chat. All classes start on time so please arrive 5 minutes early to get your space. Doors will be locked once class begins and there are no late entries.