Yoga at Home – a guide to cultivating a home yoga practise, 5 top tips!

Throughout February I have been sharing some tips on practising yoga at home.

For me it wasn’t until I managed to establish a daily (or mostly daily) yoga practise that I saw a real change in my body, my abilities and my mind. In fact as soon as I got into the habit of doing even just 10 minutes of yoga a day I found not only a new love for yoga, but I also found I wanted to know more about breathing, meditation and how yoga could benefit my life as a whole. That was the year I decided I wanted to be a teacher.

So to help you along your home yoga journey here are some of my top tips;

  1. Start with just 10 minutes a day – set your alarm, plan it into your daily routine, whatever you need to do just for that 10 minutes. Have a set routine you want to do (I suggest some sun salutations) and go for it. You might even find that you can go longer than 10 minutes once you have started.
  2. Switch off – turn off the TV, the phone, and move away from the tablet yo
  3. u can spare 10 minutes not connected to the world. Who knows it might even do you some good 🙂
  4. Create a yoga space – I have two spaces in my house where yoga is possible. Downstairs when the house is quite and baby is sleeping, upstairs when the husband is about. Make the space your own with a little candle or light and just be there.
  5. Accept it might not be perfect – I love the idea of being in my yoga space for 40 mins of uninterrupted yoga but with a baby, a nosy cat and a hubbie around, not to mention grandparents ringing for their daily baby update thats a pipe dream. If you can accept that your yoga might not be the zen perfection you see on YouTube then your one step closer to a happier home practise.
  6. Finally, dont forget to breath – yoga is not just about asana (physical practise) it also involves pranayama (breath work) mediation and relaxation. SO if you cant manage the asanas today perhaps 10 minutes of mindful breathing will be even more rewarding?

S0 whats stopping you?