Reset Your Hormones – Cycle Tracking , Movement and Somatics

Monday 23rd September, 7pm for 4 weeks

Monday 23 September, 7pm Online (all recorded)

This course is a guide on how to track your cycle, work with your cyclical super powers and use yoga to support your bodies natural functions through Menstruation to Menopause.

It will help you towards resetting your hormones and allowing your natural cycle to shine through.

We will be taking a deep dive into Menstrual health and what an 'Average' Cycle looks like. We will reflect on the inner seasons and what they means both physically and mentally. There will be lots to discuss and share.

Throughout the online course we will move through yoga asana (Movement), use breathwork, practise meditation, we will embody somatic practises for stress release and also bring in Holistic methods such as EFT, womb massage and more.

What will the course cover?

  • Cycle awareness and tracking; what a 'normal cycle' looks like
  • Menstruation into menopause education
  • Hormonal assessment
  • Reset protocols
  • Hypnosis tracks and somatic exercises
  • Yoga for each season of your cycle and menopause
  • The option to follow on to the next reset challenge.

Come and learn, share and be empowered by the magic that is your menstrual cycle!


Investment £65 including recordings and online goodie bag

Copy of OBY SS Managing your monthly cycle