Tips to help you approach your first yoga class

Yoga has grown so much in the last 10 years that you cant swing a vegetarian without accidentally hitting a yoga teacher. I for one am not complaining, I think the more yoga in the world the better!

It can however be a little daunting to go to your first yoga class (or your first in a long time) when it seems like everyone is already an expert!
So what to expect in your first class, what are the dos and don’ts, and do I need a mat?

Before the class

  1. Chat to the teacher or studio first; Drop them an email, give them a call. Let them know its your first time and ask if the class is appropriate for you. Some classes are more for the advanced such as hot yoga, some vinyasa classes, power yoga etc. Ask advice and be sure your picking something right for your physical ability.
  2. Ask around; chances are you know someone who already goes to a class. Ask them if they think you might find it the right level.
  3. Don’t worry about a fancy mat; most teachers and all studios will provide equipment so don’t worry about splashing out until you’ve settled into a class.

At the class

  1. Turn up early and introduce yourself to the teacher; we love this honestly! If you’ve spoke before then its great to put a face to a name. If your at a studio make sure the studio contact has told the teacher you’re a beginner and explain any injuries or special needs you might have
  2. Don’t be afraid to go at the front; most beginners go to the back which is understandable but at the front you can see and hear better. You are also more likely to receive physical adjustments which will help you feel more comfortable
  3. Stop at any time; don’t be afraid to go into a seated position or child pose. Yoga is about working with your body so don’t feel pressure to keep up with your neighbours. Stop, reconnect with your breath and re-join the flow whenever your ready.

Post class

  1. Its OK not to like it; not every yoga class is for everyone. Although I do think there is a yoga class for you, mine might not be it. Be honest and tell the teacher what you thought and they may be able to point you in a different direction based on what you want. Do bear in mind though it might take a couple of classes for you to be bitten by the yoga bug!
  2. Don’t worry if you ache; you have just moved and used muscles that have been a little bit dormant! Don’t worry if you feel stiffer or achy that will pass. If you keep doing yoga regularly the body will ease.
  3. Drink plenty of water; especially if you did a lot of twists or it felt you were working the muscles quite hard. Think of yoga as a massage, the muscles will release toxins so you need to wash them out!

So I hope that helps you out a bit! If you have any other tips after your first class let me know I’d love to share! Keep on yogaring!