The Benefits of Work Place Yoga

Over the past few years employee engagement has come to the forefront of business. Business looking to motivate their team as well increase productivity are looking at new avenues.

Work place yoga in Stockport is still relatively new however it seems that business across the region are embracing the benefits that yoga can bring to the work place.
Whether it be chair yoga or standard yoga on your mat, getting moving during your working day and incorporating some Pranayama (breathing) can improve mood and in turn improve an employee work.

So what are some of the actual benefits and how do they work

Reduce stress – this seems like a no brainer here! Yoga balances the nervous system. The movement and breathing brings your heart rate down and allows the mind to quiet. If your employees are constantly in the fright or flight state, the chances of more sick days is high!

Increase productivity – so you might be thinking this is a stretch but hear me out. The increased oxygen in the body energises and focuses the mind. Over time yoga also decreases the tendency to be distracted. Put these together and your looking at a more productive team.

Improve mood and team communication – speaking from experience yoga has put me in touch with how I feel. It has been a wake up call to how my mood can be changed simply by acknowledging it. Imagine this on a grand scale. People all over the business being able to get in touch with themselves, not only that but be able to then communicate with others in a more clear way.

Encourage team morale – there is nothing quite like a room full of people attempting a downward dog to cobra transition for the first time together. Being able to enjoy a physical activity together that cultivates positivity can leave a whole office feeling more connected and joyful.

The benefits of work place yoga could go on and on, but the proof is in the pudding as they say! I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried it and how they thought their workplace reacted!

If you interested in trying it with your team then check out our options for work place yoga here.