Balancing the Chakras for Beginners

You’ve heard word chakra and have an idea in your head what it means.

Within our bodies there is an energy system, each chakra is an energy wheel. We use the wheel because they are meant to spin, almost like little littles vortex enabling the body’s natural life force, or prana to circulate. This flow of energy can often be blocked. There are lots you can do to unblock unblock your chakras including yoga, breathing meditation, etc etc. So here’s a little run through of how to tell if your chakras are blocked and what can you do to help.

Root Chakra

Colour – red

Located – at the base of the spine between the legs

How to tell if its blocked – symptoms of an excess of energy in the root chakra can be feeling quite emotional, aggressive, reacting from our emotions such as fear and stress and being more materialistic and feeling just generally heavy and a little bit too rooted.

If you’re low on energy in the root chakra you can feel a little bit disconnected. As if you’re floating around and don’t really have anywhere that you’re connected to.

Re-balance – It’s good to take time every day to find a grounding practice. So this could be walking barefoot around the house mindfully. You could take some grounding yoga postures, balances are really good as your feet are literally rooted to the ground.

The Sacral Chakra

Colour – orange,

Located – in the lower abs area

How to tell if its blocked – If you have an excess of energy, there can be a lot of hypersensitivity and an excess of emotions. We can become over dependent on somebody or something and we can have a lot of compulsive behaviour.

If you’re low on energy around the sacral chakra you can feel a little bit disconnected from your emotions, and like you put up walls. You can also have a bit of a creativity block and or have poor social skills so finding it hard to connect with your friends and loved ones to rebalance the sacral chakra. Take some time in the day to be creative, even if it’s not flowing, maybe do some drawing some cooking or try to have a mindful conversation with a loved one, and it may start off feeling a little bit stilted, but you’ll find that it starts to flow. Great yoga poses for the sacral chakra, some twists and you can do some artwork, such as the boat pose. Anything to fire off and get that energy moving the solar plexus chakra is represented by the colour yellow. This is located just under the ribcage, roughly about two fingers above the belly button. Symptoms of box energy here, include being a little bit stubborn, a bit of self centred. And you can bring in maybe some arrogance or overconfidence. If you’re low on energy, you can feel that you don’t have any spirituality or you feel a little bit powerless, a lack of trust, and a lack of direction or purpose

to rebalance the shakra,

trying to get yourself out of your comfort zone. So, doing a yoga pose for instance that you don’t often move into your practice such as a wheel or a headstand or even a handstand. Just get yourself out of the funk. You can also look back on some past achievements and find a little bit of self assurance in your abilities. The Heart Chakra. This is represented by the colour green. This is obviously located in your heart centre. Symptoms of an excess of energy in the heart chakra can be jealousy. Poor boundaries becoming codependent symptoms of low energy could be being outwardly or inwardly very critical and judgmental, being suspicious of others, and perhaps not letting grudges go

to rebalance it.

You can take some really wonderful yoga poses that open the heart. So things like camel pose can be a little scary, but if we ease into them gently, they can really open up the flow of energy. You could also take a meditation. Something that directs you inward, perhaps starting with the breath noticing, and then sending some self love inward picturing a white or golden light around the heart and sending some compassion inwards, and then perhaps outwards to those that you’ve perhaps feel have wronged you or you feel disconnected from the throat chakra. This is located in the centre of throat and surrounds the ability to be expressive and speaking your truth. Symptoms of the throat chakra being blocked are having. If you have too much energy there, you might be a bit gossipy let your mouth run away from you and lose the ability to listen to others. Symptoms of low energy in the throat chakra can be a fear of speaking off, and a difficulty with self expression. Perhaps keeping one too many secrets to rebalance the throat chakra, something like singing or writing to express your feelings can really help the energy flow. In terms of yoga, you may want to try some mantra, or some chanting that can really get the vocal cords moving and literally allow you to speak your truth. Subject close gentle neck twists and relieving any tension around the neck can also help. The third eye chakra. This is represented by the colour purple. To tell symptoms of the throat chakra being blocked with an excess of energy is you may have difficulty concentrating and you feel a little bit stuck in the past. Symptoms of low energy can include a lack of imagination and difficulty, trying to visualise

to rebalance this.

You may want to try to sit and do some visualisation meditations push through the difficulty and take time to do breathing and grounding to release any negative thoughts can also help you use your imagination by creating a vision board or making just time to play. Play with your yoga practice do postures that you don’t always do flow through a nice vinyasa don’t follow a video or a class just allow yourself to flow freely. The Crown Chakra, represented by a pale violet colour or sometimes white. This is located at the top of the head, and is your spiritual centre. Symptoms of the chakra being blocked with an excess of energy can be being addicted to all things spiritual, and perhaps getting lost in a little bit of self righteousness. Allow lack of connection with the body. Symptoms of low energy can include being a little bit cynical of others.

And being a little bit self indulgent

to rebalance this chakra, you must first work on all of your other chakras. Make sure you go through step by step on block, each one. In order to achieve harmony, you must be grounded and creatively expressive have healthy boundaries in your relationships. Be trusting in yourself and others, and have a purpose. you can live with compassion and clarity.