Blog Yogi blues on the path to enlightenment

Feeling a little too sorry for myself today. I want something and right now I’m not sure how to get it. This is one of those moments where my yoginess needs to kick in and I shake it off saying something like ‘if it’s meant to be it will happen’ or ‘it will come to me when I need it to’. Right now though I’m feeling grumpy and sad.
In truth I really do believe everything happens when it needs to, and that if I am positive and work towards my goals I will get what I need. But perhaps not what I want which is the vital difference. My life may have a path that I don’t know about yet, accepting that is hard. Living it is even harder.
On the path to enlightenment there is many bumps, perhaps this is one of my bumps. A test of faith even, the universe just seeing if I can practise what I preach? It funny, even thinking about that makes me guilty about insisting that the universe listens to what I want right now. Maybe I have a few other things heading my way, maybe I need to achieve a little more before I can get what I want? Maybe I just need to keep the faith?
So tonight I am heading to my weekly yoga class, bag in hand, woollies on, and I will work through this mood, I will not wallow, I will thrive on the possibilities that are before me.

I may also have a chocolate bar before bed……even the most enlightened need a treat surely?