Teacher Circle

‘Sharing Yoga is also about sharing ourselves. If you do this without discernment, without boundaries you will give all that you can give and there will be nothing left’

This circle is specifically for qualified and active yoga teachers. For those of us that have chosen to share yoga it can be both wonderful and stressful, sometimes all at the same time.

In this circle we will be sharing our experiences, discussing topics that are close to our hearts such as inclusion, pricing, further training and more.

Each circle will host a different hot topic and we hope to continue these on a regular basis to give us all space to be open and honest about yoga teaching.

Whats involved

  • Sharing circle
  • Discussion topic
  • Guest speaker (depending on the month)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Teas and snacks

Investment is £5 to cover costs and hopefully speakers who can share their skills and experience with us.

Our next circle is being hosted n 3rd September at our beautiful little studio.