Blog Yoga in Stockport

Yoga in Stockport has grown over the past few years from a spattering of classes to having a real scene, not to mention a few yoga studios.

The great thing about yoga in Stockport is that for one you don’t have to go into Manchester. The city centre does have a wonderful variety of yoga classes not to mention hosting the Manchester Holistics festive in June but its nice to have something close to home.

So where are we? If your not a regular to our studio you might be forgiven for not knowing where we are. We are tuckled away down a little side street just off the A6 in Hazel Grove, Stockport. Our building probably predates most of the roads! We are a small family run studio with a variety of classes all of which you can check out on our timetable page our lovely teachers have a mixture of styles so there is something to suit everyone.

On Monday morning beginners class is very popular, its a slow style where we discover everything yoga has to offer with limited inversions and plenty of options for those who are less able bodied.

Our evening classes are all for mixed levels, if you want a class with an extra punch then why not try out Saturday morning yoga class for sports.

Not only do we offer yoga but there are pre and postnatal classes, Barre, Pilates and we offer holistic treatments such as Reiki.

Orange Bloom Yoga is slowly growing into a real centre for Yoga in Stockport and we hope to see you soon.