Blog Yoga in Poynton – Whats it like?

If you want to know what yoga in Poynton is like then just read on.

I first started the yoga class in Poynton almost 4 years ago, I was lucky enough to take it over from another teacher who was moving. At that point it was a fairly small group of lovely ladies who came every week to yoga it up.

Over the year the class has grown and we average about 10/12 people in each yoga class. We focus on a slow flow yoga with some breath work, asana (physical yoga) and relaxation at the end. We have such a wonderful group of regulars and people that float in and out, all come to Poynton for yoga and to unwind.

This is a mixed ability class which welcomes all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. It is open to pregnant ladies (with an existing yoga practise) as well as anyone with injuries or general stiffness.

All the mat are provided so you can just turn up and enjoy.

The flow of the class focuses on mobility of the joints, building strength and flexibility. We also aim to allow the breath and the body to move as one, to deepen our mindfulness and let go of anything that isn’t serving you!

You can drop into the class and simply pay on arrival, or you can book online. All details are HERE