Your Holistic Menopause Online

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Accessibility – All abilities of movement. 

Menopause is a loaded word and can feel like a scary place to be approaching. Whether you are struggling with symptoms or simply wanting to prepare yourself for the menopause journey there are so many holistic avenues to explore.

This 4 week course is focused on everyone going through menopause of any stage. You will end the course fully equipped with yoga flows, breathing techniques, meditations as well as other holistic tools such as womb massage, EFT and more.

Course structure

Week 1 – Your menopause. What’s happening and how do you feel? How do we approach Menopause with a holistic mind and heart.

Week 2 –  The inner landscape of menopause, how we awaken to our new real selves and how rest is going to be your new radical act.

Week 3 – Menopause body, how we can embrace our changing body to build strength and confidence. Well talk about how yoga is part of a bigger picture of wellness.

Week 4 – Next steps in your BLOOMING MENOPAUSE and how to embrace your second spring. Menopause yoga flow, breathing and beautiful guided meditation. Your plan for a more thriving menopause.

You not only attend the 4 sessions but you receive access to our menopause yoga video library that hosts the yoga, meditations and more.

Each session will include a workbook and SO much information for you to take home.


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