Yoga for Blooming Peri & Menopause

Sunday 20th June 2021 2pm - 5pm

This glorious workshop is going to use yoga and wellness to help us approach menopause in a different way.

We will be chatting about the facts of menopause (and the myths) exchanging ideas and stories. Then embarking on some yoga, meditation and breathing that can truly help with not only the physical but the mental challenges that menopause can (but doesnt always) bring.

The afternoon will include

  • Open discussion and some fact sharing
  • Womens circle meditation
  • Yoga for menopause
  • Guided relaxation to dig into your inner power
  • Snacks, hot drinks and comfy blankets
  • Handouts to take home

Feel free to bring your own yoga mat and props if you need. All will be provided freshly cleaned ๐Ÿ™‚