Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop for Tweens – 8yrs – 12yrs

Sun 23rd June, Sun 2st July, Sun 18th Aug, Sun 15th Sept, Sun 20th Oct, Sun 17th Nov

This series of classes offers an opportunity for pre-teens (age 8-12 year olds), to reduce their perceived stress and anxiety level through the wonderful practices of yoga and mindfulness. Children of this age have lots to contend with nowadays, so the aim of the classes is for children to enjoy themselves, and to come out feeling happier and more relaxed in themselves.

The classes will include:

  • Mindful movement
  • Breath awareness and practices
  • Relaxation practices
  • Exploration of emotions

All of which children can use to cope and manage when difficult situations arise or stress starts to build. The course is for children of all ability – sporty, bendy, unsporty, not bendy at all, boys and girls.

Yoga and mindfulness practices have so many benefits for young people. On an emotional level, this includes;

  • lifting of mood and an increased sense of optimism
  • confidence
  • a sense of willpower and ‘can do’ energy
  • an overall feeling of calm and peacefulness
  • On a physical level this includes:
  • improving sleep
  • improving posture
  • improving flexibility, co-ordination and balance and strength

These benefits cannot be understated as children move towards being a teenager and as their body changes and grows.

Investment of £42 for the course. Contact Sally to book