Wild & Wise Sanctuary Day Retreat

Sunday 17th September 2023 9.30am - 4.30pm

This is very unique retreat is for all those who are in their menopausal journey or would like to learn more about the power of their menopause. If your perimenopausal or feel in the depths on Menopause then this day is for you.

We will be using the power of Yoga movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, journalling and a beautiful dip in the waterfall to really connect with ourselves and our bodies.

Shifts in hormones not to mention changes in mood and brain function can be scary and frustrating. You are not alone and you don’t have to just ‘cope’. Throughout the day you will many techniques that can help with Menopause symptoms such as –

  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood Swings
  • Excessive bleeding and/or period pain
  • Sleep issues

In yoga we believe Menopause is a chance for a ‘Second Spring’ so come and embrace your new power and the wise woman phase of your life.

What will the day look like? 

9.30am – Arrival to hot drinks and breakfast snacks

9.45am – Opening circle, sharing and learning – what is menopause and how is it affecting us?

10.30am – Menopause yoga, a movement and breath practise for brain fog and anxiety

11.30am – Menopause Meditation with EFT & affirmations

12 noon – Yummy lunch cooked by our gorgeous chef. You’ll be able to lounge as you eat, reading menopause books and magazines all provided by us!

1pm – A walk in nature to our secluded waterfall for a beautiful immersion in cold water whilst drinking in the views

3pm –  Slow and strong yoga practise where we will improve bone density and balance

4pm – Closing circle and Second Spring Magic meditation

4.30pm – Leaving with your Wild and Wise goodie bag!

Investment £150* (£120 for Wild Sanctuary members)

*All inclusive of food, yoga, wild waterfall dip (guided by a professional wild swimming instructor and equipment provided.