Wild Sanctuary Summer Chakra Series ONLINE

Selected Tuesdays from July - Sept

Embracing the new energy of summer time we have launched the summer series for Chakras! This 7 session special will be hosted on or around the full or new moon through July, August and September.

Each session will go through a different chakra and exploring –

  • Yoga movement
  • Breathwork
  • Essential Oils
  • Meditation
  • Imbalances and how to meet them

This will be hosting online with bonus recorded content throughout the summer AND a special newsletter giving you help and motivation to take care of you!

Our Sessions will be hosted –

Tuesday 26th July – Root Chakra – Begining within grounding and strong energy is a great way to start.

Tuesday 9th August – Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra – Mixing Sensuality with energy and willpower

Tuesday 23rd August – Hearth Chakra – Exploring acceptance and bringing in self love

Tuesday 6th September – Throat Chakra – Lets speak our truth and find our voice

Tuesday 20th September – Third eye & Crown Chakra – Tapping into our deep intuition and activating your own power.

Full course can be booked for £40 or you can attend a single session for £10