Vision boarding and Intention Setting – for business, life and wellness

Wednesday 23rd November 2022 - 10am - 12pm

2023 is approaching and we can start to feel called to plan, to assess and to begin thinking about what next year will bring us. With this year not starting (for many) with the blast we wanted 2023 offers a promise of more positivity and hope.

Come and join Becky & Helen for a very unique Vision boarding mini workshop to really set yourself up for the coming year.

Using breathing, qi gong movement and  simple yogic techniques we will tune into our bodies and minds. We will be asking the big questions like 'what do I really want' - 'what do I really value'. Once we are settled we will be diving into our vision boarding projects.

There will be powerful and honest coaching conversations throughout, and you will walk away with a tangible plan to make these goals a reality by having a clear vision of your first steps in making in happen. No pipe dreams, but pure confidence in your ability to take your power back!

We will be providing all materials, hot drinks and snacks, just bring yourselves and your manifestations!

Investment £65


All workshops and events are non refundable and non transferable