The Secret Sanctuary Hayfield

Sunday 13 Oct 2024 14:00– 17:30

Lets welcome in the balance of release & renew, masculine and feminine, flow and go.

Sunday 13 Oct 2024 14:00– 17:30

This afternoon retreat is all about balance, I invite anyone of any gender to come and move, breath, be still, flow and find connection within themselves. Autumn is the perfect season to shed what is no longer serving you so that you can renew yourself in rest through Winter.

We will be beginning with some somatic style yoga where you will be invited to move intuitively and explore. This will lead us into a powerful pranayma (breathing) practise where breath will be used to clear and release.

There will be some nourishing snacks specially crafted to reflect the season followed by an invite to journal and create.

We will end the afternoon with a Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) to allow you space to absorb the beautiful autumnal energy.

Investment £35