Solstice Celebration – Embrace Autumn

Sunday 24th September 3pm-6pm

Solstice Special - The Autumn Solstice is a chance to embrace change.

Named after the ancient Welsh hero named Mabon ap Modron, which means Son of Mother, Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals that take place in the Wheel of the Year (Lughnasadh is the first and Samhain is the third). Similar to Apollo, the figure of Mabon was depicted as a handsome youth with a lyre. As a baby Mabon was said to have been held hostage as a baby in the underworld, similar to the story of Persephone and Demeter.

As the Wheel of the year comes to an end, Mabon is a good time to set intentions that involve decrease and reduction such as ending bad relationships, unhealthy habits or self destructive beliefs.

This afternoon will include some releasing yoga to help us let go of bodily tension. Breathwork designed to bring us into balance and a guided meditation to focus and slow the mind.

We will also celebrate with a simple autumn meal and drinks.

Investment is £30 (£25 for Warriors or Wilds Sanctuary Members)