Online Womens Chakra Yoga

Tuesday 28th February for 4 Weeks

This course if for you cyclical beings who want to delve deeper into a yoga flow practise that opens the chakras and allows you to work with your natural cycle either menstruation or moon.

How does it work?

Over 4 weeks we will learn about how our energy cycle as it flows with our hormones and/or the moon. We will be linking this with how the chakras help balance our system and how we can use yoga to optimise this.

Week One – How we flow with energy and how the chakras have a part to play.

Week Two – Menstruation, Dark Moon phase. Restful practise

Week Three – Ovulation, Full Moon phase. Full flow practise.

Week Four – Reading the Inner Landscape and moving with energy.

You will also receive a handbook to guide you through the course and beyond. All sessions will be recorded so don’t worry if you miss the lives.

Investment £35 (Warrior & Wild Sanctuary Members £25)