New Year Reboot for those with Chronic Fatigue or Low energy

Sunday 12th January 3pm - 6pm

For many January is a time for detoxing, loosing weight and new years resolutions.

For some it is another year dealing with conditions that effect there entire life every day. Whether your newly diagnosed or are experienced with your condition there is no reason why you can get a new years boost as well!

This new year yoga workshop will focus on replenishing yoga which wont spike adrenals but will help detox the body and mind. We will also use the breath and meditation to create a sense of energy and alertness for the year ahead.

There will be some intention setting and a guided meditation for complete relaxation. You’ll also get chance to have a brew and snacks with those in the same or similar positions.

We will finish with some healing group Reiki.

Drinks and snacks will be provided just bring a hot cup!