Womens Wellness – Move with your Menstrual Cycle

Sunday 15th January 2022, 2pm - 5pm

Ever wondered why that some days exercise is easy and other days you cant think of anything worse?

Ever wondered why you can feel creative and excited one day and then void of inspiration?

Well we are going to help you tap into your Menstrual Magic!

In this afternoon workshop we will be discussing the power of your monthly cycle and how you can use your flow of energy to support your goals and lifestyle. Avoid burnout and overwhelm by working with your period super powers instead of fighting your flow.

What will be cover?

  • Our cyclic nature
  • Tracking your flow
  • The seasons and super powers of your cycle
  • Yoga to support each stage of your menstruation calendar
  • Divine feminine meditation 7 relaxation
  • Sharing circle, tea and cakes

Come an join this beautiful safe space no matter if you bleed or not, open to peri-menopausal and menopausal women who can also use the moon power to track their flow.


You will also walk away with your own journalling calendar, menstruation chart and goodie bag.

All workshops and events are non refundable and non transferable