Introduction to Self Healing

Sunday 24th March 2019 10am - 1pm

Held at our Hazel Grove Studio in the yoga snug.

The first part in our 4 session intro series to Chakras, Crystals, Healing and Auras all hosted by our amazing Reiki Master Jean Fenton.

Through this course we will be using exercised and meditations to become more familiar with with different elements of our Chakras, Auras, our healing abilities and exploring the use of Crystals.

The course is broken down into 4 weeks, each being 3 hours. Teas, coffees and snacks will be provided. You can book the whole course for the discounted price of £60 (£15 off), or each session is bookable for £15.

Self Healing – Book Now

We all have an in-built ‘healing potential’ which we use on a daily basis without realising i.e. comforting friends and family with words and hugs, being a good listener etc.

Through guided meditations and exercises we will attune and blend with our own energies, recognise other people’s energies and access the universal healing energy. This blending of energies will introduce positive energy into our body and help self-heal the mind, body and spirit.

We will be discussing and experimenting through exercises various ways of self-healing and grounding.