Introduction to Crystals

Sunday 23rd June 2019 10am - 1pm

The last part in our 4 session intro series to Chakras, Crystals, Healing and Auras.

Through this course we will be using exercised and meditations to become more familiar with with different elements of our Chakras, Auras, our healing abilities and exploring the use of Crystals.

The course is broken down into 4 sessions, each being 3 hours. Teas, coffees and snacks will be provided. You can book the whole course for the discounted price of £60 (£15 off), or each session is bookable for £15.

Introduction to Crystals – Book Now

(Chakra crystals will be provided but please feel free to bring your crystals with you)

Crystals mean many things to many people. What do they mean to you?
Some just like to have them around, they make them feel good. Others know the crystals by name and the energies they give off.

We will focus on the crystals associated with the 7 chakras and through guided meditations and exercises we will connect with the crystal’s energy and use it for self healing the chakras and our body as a whole.
We will be discussing how to cleanse the crystals, and experience the different energies when wearing and/or holding the crystals and the use of crystal elixirs.