Introduction to Auras

Sunday 19th May 2019 10am - 1pm

The third part in our 4 session intro series to Chakras, Crystals, Healing and Auras.

Through this course we will be using exercised and meditations to become more familiar with with different elements of our Chakras, Auras, our healing abilities and exploring the use of Crystals.

The course is broken down into 4 sessions, each being 3 hours. Teas, coffees and snacks will be provided. You can book the whole course for the discounted price of £60 (£15 off), or each session is bookable for £15.

Introduction to Auras – Book Now

Our bodies contain energy fields called Auras. Each day as we interact with others, our auras interact also, and in doing so we take in other peoples energies and they take in ours. This encounter affects the balance of our auras and can cause an energy blockage.

Through guided meditations and exercises you will be connecting with and attuning to your aura’s energy field and use universal healing energy to help release blockages and unwanted energies.
We will be exploring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual auras, their colours and the aspects of ourselves contained within them.

We will be discussing and experimenting through exercises how our own auras feel and how they interconnect with others.