Fall in Love with Yourself – a morning workshop

Sunday 17th March 2019 10.30am - 12.30pm

Fall in Love with Yourself – a morning of exploring what it means to love yourself

“Accept everything about yourself – I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end – no apologies, no regrets.” Clark Moustakas.

Our culture and society tell us that being hard on ourselves is an OK way to be, and can get us where we want to get to in life by constantly pushing, working hard and comparing ourselves to others. But what if there is a different way to be which integrates self-love and self-compassion? What if you were able to offer yourself the same level of love and support that you offer your family, friends and children every single day? We can seek love and validation from external sources, but ultimately we have to feel love for ourselves first and foremost.

If you have questioned how unconditional self-love is possible and how it makes a difference in this crazy world that we live in, then this workshop offers you:

Time to explore what loving yourself actually means, how we can move along our path of self-love and what the benefits are

Exercises and practices to examine your limiting self-beliefs so that we can begin to face our inner critics

Self-compassion meditation and relaxation

A 60 minute yoga asana practice to cultivate self-love through movement

A delicious and nutritious vegan lunch is on offer as the perfect way to end the workshop at an extra cost.

Investment: £15 without lunch or £22.50 with lunch

What to bring:

Warm and comfy clothes that you can move in, socks to keep your feet warm, a journal or some paper and a pen, and a water bottle. There are blankets, mats and a small number of bolsters and cushions available at the studio, but if you would like to bring anything else to be comfortable or indeed any items or objects which cultivate a sense of self-love for you then please do.

To book go to www.yogawithsally.com