Level 1 Crystal Singing Bowls Workshop for Beginners

Sunday 7th July 2024, 10am-2pm

We're Spreading the Magic of Crystal Bowls from Australia to the UK! Learn & Explore the Magical World of Crystal Singing Bowls and Gain the Level 1 Rainbow Sounds Certification 🌈

Suitable for Beginners, Self-Healers, Yoga Teachers, Wellness Practitioners and Aspiring Sound Bath Practitioners new to Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy 

What You'll Learn

The essentials

  • How to strike and sing the bowls
  • Wake up & close down process
  • Cleanse and care for your crystal bowl
  • The Chakras and musical notes relating to each bowl
  • Understanding Sound Journeys

Science (how we can relate using crystal bowls back to science)

  • Brainwaves & frequency
  • Epigenetics
  • BioChemistry

Sound, Space And Silence

  • What is the Healing harmonic code
  • Making space for change in your life
  • Listening to the sound that is in silence

Practical Applications and Mindfulness

  • Working with crystal bowls in Ritual and with your breath to improve mood, anxiety, stress and shift energy and
  • How the crystal singing bowls relate to each energy centre in the body

We end the workshop with an Energy Balancing Sound Session that will leave you feeling amazingly connected to your oneness in the universe.

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