Cheshire Nourish & Nurture Pregnancy Retreat

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Why come to the Nourish & Nurture Afternoon Retreat?
For mums-to-be in their second or third trimester, this is a deliciously nourishing experience created to empower women with everything they need to plan their positive birth. This pregnancy focused afternoon retreat is a blend of different therapies and techniques that will help your body, mind and heart open and release ready for birth.

For some, this may be the first time you hear that you are in control of the decision-making that surrounds your maternity care. For others, it may be the gentle support you need to make sure your voice is heard during your care. And for everyone, it will be a caring and safe space to spend some joyful time thinking about your baby and birth.

In our pregnancy yoga we will be focusing on mobility and a sense of calmness. During pregnancy our bodies can start to feel tense and stiff. Yoga promotes fresh blood flow, release and creates much needed space to breath.

We will be moving through a gentle flow using breath to let go of tension in the joints and feed muscles, as we build strength.

The session will finish with some mindful breath to help calm emotions as well as ease any discomfort through the end of your pregnancy and birth.

Your Voice
A positive birth experience comes from being heard and being an active participant in your own care before, during and after labour. We’ll give you the tools that you’ll need to ensure you are able to gain the relevant information and make informed decisions that matter to you and your baby.
We also help prepare your body for birth with our unique pregnancy yoga routine, designed to relax and nourish the pregnant body as well as prepare your birthing muscles ready for labour. Together with a deep hypnobirthing relaxation, you’re well on your way to a more confident, relaxed and positive birthing experience.

What You Write You Learn
We’ll help you to explore your creativity with a range of activities which have proven benefits to happiness, wellbeing and positivity.

Through guided journaling, we’ll let your creative juices flow encouraging you to think more deeply about your new role as ‘mother’, acknowledging anxieties and allowing them to be released as we commit them to paper.

Positive birth affirmations create a lasting impression on your subconscious, which you can return to again and again when you need it most on your birthing day. We’ll help you to find the mantras that speak to you most, and create a collection that you can take away and use to help overcome challenging thoughts about your birthing and parenting abilities.

Reiki or Rebozo
With the option of either reiki or rebozo work, we’ll make sure you come away released, relaxed and rewarded. Rebozo work uses a shawl to gently articulate the spine, pelvis, ligaments and muscles to ease away tension allowing the whole area to feel freer and give space to baby to find their best position. Reiki uses your natural energy to create a sense of relaxation and release, this is a hands on treatment that can be done lying down or seated in whatever way makes you comfortable.

Space will be limited so everyone gets their dedicated time and space.

Investment – £50 including drinks and snacks

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