6 week Beginners Meditation Course 2019

Thursday 23rd May - 27th June 6.30pm

6.30pm – 7.30pm every Thursday for 6 weeks starting 23rd May.

In each weekly, hour long class, a different style of meditation will be covered in depth, to help you find the best practice to suit you! Practical guidance will also be offered in order to help you develop your own daily meditation practice at home.

We will end each session with a poem, setting our intention for the week ahead. Helping you to go into the new week with a refreshed, clearer mind!

Week 1- Breath Work- An introduction to what meditation is and learning how to use your breath as your focus of a meditation, by using very simple breathing techniques.

Week 2- Mindfulness meditations- Practising mindfulness of breathing, body and mindfulness in everyday life, helping us to learn to live in the present moment and reduce stress and anxiety.

Week 3- Mantra meditation – A short introduction to mantras and learning how to use a word or phrase as your focus for a meditation, helping you to calm your thoughts and induce positive states of mind.

Week 4- Loving Kindness meditation- Using meditation to help us develop more empathy, understanding and kindness to others.

Week 5- Visualisation meditation- Relaxation and calming meditations, focussing on images in your mind and using your own imagination and subconscious.

Week 6- Recap and taking your practice further- In the final week, we will re-cap a few of the meditations practised throughout the previous weeks and look at how you can take your meditation practice further, helping you to commit to your own regular practice.

The course is run by Catherine from Elestial Therapy. Catherine is a qualified meditation practitioner with the British School of Meditation and is experienced in teaching a variety of meditation styles, aimed at relieving stress, anxiety and finding inner balance.

Price per course– £45

Price per week – £8

Register here or for more information contact catherine@elestialtherapy.com or helen@orangebloomyoga.com