Blog Whats with the wheat?

I became wheat free just over a year ago. I have had the occasional slip up, often during or after alcohol but for the most part I stay away from everything wheat based.

I have a few reasons for this but mainly I had been in regular pain every days for years. Since my mid 20’s I have suffered from stabbing pains in my stomach, bloating and general discomfort. I have been for so many tests and scans I couldn’t even count them. A couple of different doctors had different theories but none were very concerned with the fact a healthy active 20 odd year odd was in pain every day. I was dismissed. 
Then last year after a particularly stressful 6 months I went to Florida with my boyfriend to visit his sister. I had toyed with cutting out wheat before but never really noticed the difference in me so had always gone back to eating pizza and garlic bread like everyone else. 
Then in Florida ‘B’ was wheat free, she had made the change after a few health issues and was buzzing with enthusiasm for it. So I thought, lets make the change properly and give it some time to effect me. Once I was back in England I cleared away all the wheat and gluten products and started afresh. The 1st week wasn’t so different, perhaps not so many spouts of stomach cramps but nothing revolutionary. Then the 2nd week I felt lighter, was looking a little leaner, and hadn’t had stomach pain in a few days. After I hit the month I was convinced I had found the key to being pain free. 
I also noticed other things; I was often covered in bruises, just because I ‘bruise like a peach’ but now I wasn’t. My breathing was better and general fitness was improving. I stopped getting regular headaches, stopped having huge mood swings and generally felt like I hadn’t since; well forever. 
After a lot of research post the wheat free life style I can hand on heart say all these changes were due to my diet. Having a wheat intolerance can be life altering, and although it seems quite common now I still personally think not enough is known about the effects wheat has. Its just another ‘fad’ diet or some club people want to be in. 
I would like to encourage everyone especially if they have any digestive problems to try wheat free for a month and see how it can change their lives.