Blog What would you do if you could?

I like my job, that said your mind often wonders on a Monday morning to what life could be like if there were no obstacles.

I do try to live in the moment, to appreciate all that life is giving me right now. A good job that earns me money to live, to save and to do some of the things I want to do. Good health, loving family and friends. I couldn’t count all of the reasons I have to be happy and appreciate life. This had never been more apparent than now, when so many others are struggling to just exist in a very unfair world.

That said, what could I do if money were no object, what good could I create in the world. I’ve often dreamed of being a writer, working freelance and being able to share my time between earning money, growing my own veg, volunteering with a school or charity. Now a days I dream of running yoga classes, some free of charge, still writing, still gardening maybe working somewhere else part time. It’s amazing the detail you can go in just inside your head.

The truth is although I love writing I have real problems with my dyslexia, although I am learning to teach yoga it will be a while before I can earn money from it, and as much as I love my garden I’m mostly good with herbs and that’s about it. All of these I can work on but right now it means this is my life, these are the cards I have been dealt.

I guess the secret it striking the balance between appreciating what you have and working towards something you feel will make the world a better place, for you and for others. I don’t want to say ‘when I get there I will be happy’ or ‘when I just get this I will be happy’ because if I’m not happy right in this moment, with the way things are then I’ll never be happy.

So my daily mantra this week is ‘I am thankful for all that I have and I ask for the strength to pursue that which serves me, and my future’