Blog What Should you Look for When Buying CBD Oil? 5 Things to ask.

So it seems like every man and his dog is now into CBD. I must admit to being one of those people who has heard about it for a long time but never actually jumped on board. Until Christmas last year.

I was having trouble sleeping and switching my brain off despite doing yoga, breath work etc. I am a type A personality so it can be hard to switch off. My lovely sister in law let me try some of her CBD which she was using for a similar purpose. It was ace!

So I’m not going to say this is a miracle cure for everyone and you all going to sleep like babies every night but from my experience it was helped so much. Its always helped my headaches, sciatica and my general anxiety. My dad also started using CBD oil for pain management but its actually also lowered his blood pressure into the ideal range!

You can now buy CBD oil in Holland and Barrett its become so popular. (Now don’t get me started about supporting small and local businesses) However there are a few questions to ask yourself before you purchase…..

  1. Where has it come from? I personally prefer to support British based businesses where I can. It lessens the environmental impact and helps our economy.
  2. How strong is it? You can purchase around the 2% strength from the high street stores I believe, usually for about £45 however from y usage I would try to find something above 5% ideally up to 10.
  3. Is it organic and full spectrum? Like with anything you are putting into your body you want to ask yourself how much its been processed, is it high quality and do you know 100% whats in it?
  4. Has it been tested by a 3rd party? If you dont know this, cant find out or if its a no then run for the hills and DO NOT take it!

  5. Is it fairly prices?
    This one goes without saying. You dont want to look for the cheapest because lets face it you get what you pay for. But with high street brands wacking up the prices for a low % of actual CBD you want to have a look around.

I hope this helps you on your CBD journey. Check out this CBD Edcuation website for more information on studies and facts. If you do want to try get in touch with us and learn about The Hemp Collective an organic UK based company we are working with to bring CBD oil to the studio.