Weight lifting and Yoga – A Match made in Heaven

Two things that people might not put together are weight lifting and yoga. I myself am an avid weight girl! I started with a personal trainer 6 months ago, we meet once a week and he provides me with an exercise plan.
At first it was tough, my body ached all over and yoga was a way of simply stretching out tender muscles. Once I started to progress I could feel myself getting stronger, faster and more able to know where my limits were. Yoga is all about listening to your body, weight lifting is exactly the same however on occasion you may listen but ask your body to go a little bit further than it initially wants to.
For me the key was finding a balance. I have a plan that incorporates days of cardio, yoga, weights and most importantly relaxation. Once up on a time my idea of relaxation was being on the sofa, now it’s a swim or a long walk but it’s all helped me to get a body that I can be proud of. Not just because I look a bit slimmer but because I know what I am capable of.
When I completed my first Toughmudder which included lifting myself over walls, crawling in mud and climbing up ropes I knew that a combination of yoga and weight circuits had got me through. I would suggest to anyone gym bunnies or yogis that combining the two can make you unstoppable!
My tips
  • Never start weight lifting or using new equipment before speaking to a trainer. You can do yourself SO much harm!
  • Have an even split of weights and yoga days with one day or two days of relaxation through the week
  • If you can do a gym session then a yoga session one after the other go for it! But take a towel!
  • If you are a gym goer and think yoga is just relaxing and stretching a bit then brace yourself! Pick a beginners class and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.