The Wild Sanctuary Sisters

The Wild Sanctuary Sisters came into being from many months of working with women who were dealing with:

  • Self doubt
  • Body negativity
  • Lack of motivation for movement & nourishing activities
  • Anxiety & stress
  • Problems with their menstrual cycle or perimenopause/menopause symptoms

This collective will bring together women to heal, nurture and excite each other about our bodies, emotions and our divine feminine power.

Upcoming Circles are listed HERE

Using the full yoga experience as well as wellness coaching and inspiration from other holistic modalities we can;

  • Regain confidence
  • Appreciate and love our bodies
  • Get moving in a way that suits US
  • Heal old wounds through sharing and listening
  • Live, move and work in a cyclical way

This group is for anyone feeling a little numb, drained, overwhelmed, angry, exhausted or all of the above! We aim to set your feminine power on FIRE.


So how does it work? 

Each month we host one in person and one online womens circles. Each with a unique theme and objective. Check out the next ones HERE

Each circle involves movement, breathwork, sharing, discussion, meditation, card pulling, crystals, essential oils and more.

You can come join whenever you like either online or in person. Our options are for book as and when or sign up to our collective community to get a little extra......


The extra

On top of out two circles you will receive an email each month with lots of content, goodies to try and guidance on how to get our fire going! The email will give you;

  • A yoga sequence to follow dedicated to our theme and your needs
  • A Pranayama (breathing) practice on audio to listen to regular
  • A recorded meditation
  • Mindfulness challenge
  • Yoga living download sharing an element of yoga you may not be familiar with

On top of ALL of this you will also be able to book into a gorgeous massage and meditation for only £25 as well as top up your yoga with a 1:1 for the same price.

Those who are signed up to the collective will also be invited to exclusive Facebook 'rooms' sessions where we will meet for extra inspiration.

How do you get involved?

You have two memberships to take advantage of.

Wild Sanctuary is £20 per month and inlcudes the online and in person circles as well as the email and video support -  GO HERE and sign up.

Wild Sanctuary coaching is £100 per month and includes all the above as well as weekly in person 1:1 yoga coaching sessions. This is for those wishing to really deepen their body - mind connection, feel better in themselves inside AND out as well as for those who are recovering from illness or injury and need some extra support. GO HERE and sign up.

Any questions email