Blog Taking a moment on international woman’s day

Today I had lunch with one of the best women I know, she is strong and funny, loving and intelligent, I am lucky to have her as one of my best friends. Another women is messaging me on whatsapp whilst dealing with twin new born’s, she is an inspiration and one of my rocks.
Another woman, my mother is booking trains to make the 5 hour journey to see me and my husband in our new house, she would walk if she had to. I spent the weekend with a lovely lady, who brought us cake and listened to all my worries and moans like it was nothing it all. One of my favourite ladies is too far away to see as much as I would like, but I think of her every day. We have been through a lot together, had our ups and downs but it fills me with joy to know she is there thinking about me too. (and probably laughing)
One of the best women in the world had to leave us 10 years ago. I miss her every day and yet I feel her with me, when I need her, when I’m faltering or just when I’m baking cakes.
I am extremely lucky to have such wonderful women in my life, and to see the beginnings of a new generation like my beautiful niece growing up. I am also sad, sad that all of us at one point have been treated less than equal because we are women. From the time I was grabbed whilst out for a run, to the time I was paid £10k less than a man that did exactly the same job, I have experience sexism in many forms.
This international woman’s day I am taking a moment to appreciate all I have but also how far we have to travel to get equal rights for all. I hope that in my small way I can help the cause, that we can all put together our small pieces and make a big change.
Yoga often speaks about acceptance, being present and embracing the world as it is. I try to do that every day but there are some things we should never accept, some wrongs should not go unnoticed.

So to all my yogis and non-yogis, men or women, please BE THE CHANGE. Let’s make equality a real thing for the next generation.