Blog So do you speak Yoga? My 3 tips to learning yoga vocab

In all the years of doing yoga I have slowly picked up a lot of the lingo. I know most of the English names for the asanas, I can also on occasion recall some of the common Sanskrit names. I am however a million miles away from being fluent. My yoga teach has reassured me that it will take years to remember them all and even then I will muck them up (reassuring isn’t it).

So in the endeavour to broaden my yogi vocab before I start my teaching course I went on the hunt for new ways to revise! Here is what I found;

  1. Saying the poses out loud – whilst I am practising (at home may I add) I say the poses out loud, I also try and relax into the pose whilst I grope around for the next word! 
  2. Make some flash cards – I am in the middle of doing this at the moment and yes it’s like being back at school! Get creative, get flashy, and get your prit-stick out! 
  3. Download the ‘yoga pose’ app – This is a game style app which challenges you hangman style to fill in all the names of the poses. You can go through the English and then the Sanskrit, it’s broken down by different areas such as; standing balances, inversions etc. 

These are helping me and I hope they can help you! Good luck and let me know if you have any more tips!