Blog Putting yourself first, might not be a bad idea?

I never realised how much thought has to go into a wedding. How many people you have to consider and all of the logistics. You think the day is about you and your partner, but all of a sudden it becomes about too many other things.
But it got me thinking, isn’t this just life in general. You start your day thinking about what you have to do but how much of that is about other people. You work for others, you cook for others, you watch TV that someone else wants to watch, and you go to places someone else wants to go. I’m not saying that these things aren’t about you and someone else in varying amounts of equality but they all involve thinking about other people.
Think back to the last time you really did something just for you……….ok so if like me it took you more than 5 seconds to think of something, maybe it’s been too long.
I have a small list of things I would classify as solely for me, in no particular order they are;
          Yoga (obviously)
          Reading (books that are not to do with work)
          Working out at the gym
          Meditation (although rarely at the moment)
It’s not a long list, it’s not even a very original list. I would say perhaps 10 of my friends would have the exact same list. So why do I struggle so much to fit them all in. I struggle so much that I then feel guilty for not doing any of the above because all of them are about either fitness or expanding my mind. The guilt is then counterproductive and the things I love doing become just another daily chore, it would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic!
I believe that the problem for me at least is priorities. I consider everything I do for other people and just to live a much larger priority than my own happiness or health. The crazy thing is if I did more of the above I would probably be a better centred person who would be more equipped to deal with the everyday struggles of life.
So I am trying to make myself a promise. That I will give myself just 5 minutes a day to do one of the things I love on my list. Now the gym doesn’t count because I managed to fit that it, mostly because I love food but don’t want to be the size of a house. So reading, yoga and meditation are my choices for 5 minutes of me time every day! We will see how I do! I might even try and squeeze in writing on to my list!

Anyone want to join me?