Blog Meditation Mare!!

I was reading my OM Magazine recently and there was a very useful section on meditation. One particular article about ‘getting started’ resonated with me. Picture me at my desk, I have to-do lists scattered about me, there’s also one on my phone. I have various thoughts going through my head; what’s for tea, how am I getting home with all these Xmas pressies, when am I going to fit in today’s yoga session. This is not the type of person who is ‘good’ at mediation.

That said however after reading the articles whilst on the tram in to work I started thinking. What actually is ‘good’ and mediation. If I can manage a few minutes a day of stillness, really this is a win and I should be satisfied with myself. Yes?

I am pushy with myself though, if I cant do something to its fullest then I get frustrated and angry. With yoga and meditation you need to open your mind to possibility that whatever you do is good enough as long as its something. As long as I am taking some time for myself and taking care of me then that’s good enough. Its a hard concept for for me, and I would imagine many others.

So I am working on it, I am taking the advice and spending two minutes every day for the next 7 days in some kind of meditation. After that we will aim for 5 minutes. I think the trick is not kicking myself too much if 5 minutes is my limit! We will see.