Blog Lets spring into spring and kick off the Easter urgh!

So this week’s see the start of April and in my head the real kick off to spring. April for me is always a month of new beginnings, the lighter nights, the warmer weather, even the spring rain showers mean new life.  After the Easter binge there is also no better time to take stock of your body and give it a little boost ready for the summer.

How I am feeling after way too much chocolate!

This year as I am pushing myself to new levels in yoga, I wanted to complement that by incorporating some mindful practise and some holistic elements to my everyday life. I have set myself a few goals, they are as follows:

  • Rid myself of all chemical based and tested on animal beauty products by the end of the month; I have been trying to do this for so long, trying out new shampoos, make up, body creams etc. however I have never fully taken stock of my toiletries and made the leap. This weekend I threw out all the old make up and half used potions. I am now down to a bare minimum which I will now be replacing with hopefully better quality and more planet friendly items. 
  • Clean up my diet; I am going to reduce caffeine and dairy as both are causing me issues currently. I am also going to cut out sugar. This is going to be a hard one as it has snuck back into my daily diet like an evil ninja! This isnt about dieting, its about clearing my head, skin and gut!
  • Daily oil pulling for 1st week then down to 2/3 times a week; I already do this on occasion and I feel great afterwards so I am going to investigate what a regular comitment would bring.
  • Daily yoga; this also means the weekend! Eeeeeeek
  • Daily meditation in mindfulness; this is homework, I have a mindful meditation to listen to for the first two weeks and then a practise to do in the second two. I’ll be exploring what daily mindfulness can do for my peace, concentration and general well-being. 

So all looks simple yeah?!

For me this isn’t about a challenge this time, or depriving myself, this is about cleaning out the haze that has built up over the winter months and now I am ready to walk in the sun with a glow!

Why am I telling you this? Who is actually interested? Well who knows, but I am putting it out there so I have made a commitment to the universe as well as myself! Stay tuned for updates on my spring quest…….