Blog Joining us on Zoom for online classes

So in the blink of an eye we have suddenly had to figure out online videos, zoom, Facebook live and a multitude of other technologies.  This is daunting for even those of us who are used to being online so we understand that things might feel a little uncomfy.

With that in mind check out the Zoom page here on how to join meetings.

Have a read and also remember these points

  1. You can login and not activate your video so you cant be seen by anyone else, if you would prefer this then dont feel bad we understand you might want to do yoga in your PJ’s
  2. If you dont want to see others on the class then you can change your view your options are here
  3. Make sure you have created your login before the class is about to start so you can just click and join
  4. If you have any questions at the end of class you can enter them in the chat or email us!

Hope this helps everyone and see you virtually very soon.