Blog Half term disruption

There is one huge plus about half term time when you are an adult with no children – quieter trains. And that’s about it.

I now get to spend the next two weeks seeing wonderful holiday piccies on social media and hearing how much fun people are having with their break. Meanwhile it’s a nightmare to get hold of people at work, the city centre gets mobbed by tourists and to top it off my regular yoga classes aren’t on and I don’t teach (hear those tiny violins) And yes I know this is a small price to pay for the fact that I can go on holiday whenever I want and pay about half as much, but still have some sympathy whilst I sit in a dull office whilst others are out enjoying the glorious weather 🙂

So this half term I have decided to embrace the disruption and use the opening in my calendar to explore the yoga world outside my little bubble. Being a truly Pitta personality I do love a good routine, but this can often mean missing out on diversity that other teachers and studios can offer.
Tonight I am going to be embarking on some outdoor yoga with a friend curtsey of Yoga Life UK. Then on Thursday I will be checking out the warm yoga at Pure Yoga in Macclesfield. I’m excited to experience new teachers and expand my own knowledge.

Recently I was getting some advice and input from another yogi who is years ahead of me. Her best piece of advice was to experience everything. Go to different teachers, different places, and try different styles, explore and use all of the pieces that resonate with you.  This isn’t always easy with the life work balance, and you can’t beat a good regular practise with someone who inspires you however half term is the perfect chance to go forth and yoga it up.

So folks I encourage you to try something new this half term, whether that be different yoga, a different sport, a new restaurant or simply walking somewhere new. Embrace the change and experience something new, you never know how it might change you!