Blog Fresh starts in spring time

There are always new starts for me. I start again on Monday, the beginning of a month and so on.
After a week of excess and not treating my body very well, followed by a week of being ill I again decided a new clean start should begin. As soon as the thought popped into my head I let out a sign. What’s the use of all these starts, it basically means I keep ending things right?
It then got me thinking about some quotes I’d seen on Pinterest, all encouraging you to grab today as a new start. One in particular had stood out to me
‘Every day is a chance to change your life’
This one quote really put things into perspective, OK so yes its not great every week to be starting the healthy eating again or being back on the wagon for 5 days  (until the next weekend). BUT it is OK to keep trying and seeing each day as a new start instead of thinking ‘oh well I’ll just carry on’. 
Today is the first day of spring so what better time to declare a new start. The days will be getting brighter, the weather better and nature is at its most active. It’s a great time to start up that hobby you’ve been putting off, get outside more like you said you would in January, be more active, be more relaxed. Do something, anything that makes your happy. 
For me it is also the weekend I move house so my fresh start is dramatic, a chance to get into a new routine, explore a new place and decorate a new home. Not to mention doing yoga in my new garden! 
So come on, what’s your fresh start?