Blog Final Day and Goodbye to the yoga retreat

When I woke up on Sunday I thought I might feel sad or anxious about the journey home but I couldn’t help but feel peaceful still whilst I had my shower and looked out into the woods from the little hut.
Our second silent walk was followed by an invigorating class that left me excited to go home and start building yoga even more into my life!
Breakfast was once again delicious and the eggs cooked with coconut oil were a revelation! I may have to admit here that I had about three breakfast so I am sorry Carolina that you didn’t get any eggs!
There were more treatments in the morning for those who had extras but myself and my friend went for a walk around the local area. There are plenty of paths marked out and all different levels, so something for everyone. We did about an hour and then headed back to have some extra time in the sun.
Meditation and lunch were left for the rest of the day so I got packed up and ready to rock on the road once we had finished.
I often find meditation quite hard, being pretty much a beginner my mind wonders, I get pins and needles, this session was no exception. I did however find Carolinas guide through the Chakras very focusing and I felt the energy surging through me more and more as we went on. This particular mediation seems to have a different effect on all of us. I found it very reliving, like breathing life into me, others cried and felt released, most felt relaxed.
As we all sat and enjoyed a light lunch, talking of home and our different journey’s it was clear to see we were all slightly different people than when we arrived. There was a glow around everyone, not just from the amazing sun we were lucky enough to enjoy but the glow of being open and alive.
When we headed home and can genuinely say I was sad to leave, I could have stayed another week or maybe even two. We were lucky with the weather and it would have been a very different experience if it rained throughout however I’m confident it would have been just as relaxing and rejuvenating.  
I would highly recommend this retreat for any yogi or even a prospective yogi. The whole experience gave me a new love for yoga and a kick start to meditation. Even days later I am still feeling the effects and glowing with the peace.