Blog Fear in the New Year? NO WAY!

So its New Year, and what would a new year be without resolutions! I have always loved the New Year, for me it’s a time where anything is possible, the year could bring you anything you want if you just work for it. I feel more inspired and energized in January than all year, it’s a feeling I try to stretch out as much as possible. Developing into a yogi I also love anything that encourages self-reflection and rejuvenation.
This year is no exception for me, I got my food in order, cleaned the house, organised my diary and brought a new journal, but this year has even more possibilities. I am now full throttle into my yoga teacher training and am looking forward to helping teach a few classes. This has brought not only excitement but also fear, fear of being in front of a class, fear of failing, fear of not knowing what I am talking about! So this year’s resolution is both simple and complicated all at once.
Don’t let fear rule you!
You’ll notice I didn’t write ‘don’t be afraid’ because basically that is impossible,  my whole life I have been afraid of something, and too often I have let it stop me moving forward or let it stop me doing something I desperately want to do. So this year I said NO! No to fear controlling my actions, no to fear making me believe I cannot achieve my goals and most importantly no to fear stopping me experiencing amazing things. I have set up my morning mantra to include this ‘NO to fear’ resolution. For all of you out there determined to grab 2016 by the balls and yell I WILL NOT BE AFRAID! Join me in dedicating 10 mins each morning to some meditation and a few lines of Mantra.
My morning Mantra
‘I will look after myself’
‘I will be positive in the face of negativity’
‘I will not let fear rule me’
‘I will not let fear rule me’
I will not let fear rule me
If you want to get started with meditation before your mantras there some good tips here or for a guided meditation for he new year go to one of my favourite websites!