Blog Day Two Yoga Retreat

I woke up as the morning sun was streaming through our curtains. It might have been the excitement or the great sleep but I was full of beans and headed to the showers to start my day.
The showers were brilliant, powerful and hot! I eventually got out, got dressed and headed to the main hall to make myself a tea. I have to say the collection of tea put even me to shame and I am a tea monster! I grabbed my chai tea and located myself outside our hut looking down into the wood. It was difficult to know what time it was (should have taken a watch) but it didn’t really seem to matter.
One by one we all got up and dressed, the silent walk started at 8am. Now knowing my friends and me I thought going on a silent walk was a big ask however when we headed down to the circle and set off it seemed easy.
Everyone smiled and each other, there was a look of appreciation and peace on everyone’s faces. I believe in that moment we all felt extremely lucky to be alive and in this amazing place.
We walked up the hill behind our camp and into the sunshine, the morning was heating up even at 8am so we new we were in for a hot day.
I tried to focus my mind on my steps, my breathing, the feeling of the earth under my feet however it was easy for your mind to wonder with such lovely views. I focused myself of the smell of the country air and the feel of the sun on my skin. The nearby cows looked over to us all looking calm and a little smiley.
Once back at camp we had our first full yoga session, it wasn’t too heavy and great for beginners and seasoned yogis.  The end shavasna was overwhelming and full of joy, my eyes again filled with tears however this time more with happiness that anything else.
After the yummy dinner we had the night before I had high hopes for breakfast which were met completely. There was a good range of fruit and eggs, oats and bread, they had even provided some gluten free bread so I could tuck in!
After breakfast I had my booked massage, this was done in a little pop up tent. The tent was nestled away in another part of the wood, it looked like something out of Peter Pan. The massage was amazing, after I floated out and lay with my friends in the sun soaking up the rays.
We had an organised walk at lunch time up the nearby hill, the highest point in the South East (these Southerns don’t know hills like we do). Michelle was very clear we didn’t have to do the walk, in fact we didn’t have to do anything, the weekend was ours. I am glad I resisted the call of the hammocks in the sun (oh yes there were hammocks), the walk was a good pace and the views were beautiful. We all chatted and got to know each other, talked about what brought us here and what other things we like to do as well as yoga.
When we returned back there was plenty of time for more relaxation in the sun and a brew in the hammock. I did have a run in with one hammock however, the result is a bruised bum and a very dented ego!
Our evening yoga class was even more movement, it was nice to see the progress through the weekend of deeper breathing and slightly deeper poses. Carolina was great and giving us that next level to go to if we wanted to however we didn’t need to push ourselves to far. This was all about our bodies and our practise. I often find myself comparing my poses to others, wondering how I am doing against other, knowing I should focus on myself but its just my competitive nature. Here though I was at ease, I only notices the movement around me and the sound of breathing.
Dinner was served straight after and although I head a headache (far too much sun) it was once again delicious!
I headed off to bed fairly early, the headache was a mixture of sun and perhaps a symptom of releasing a lot of stress and anguish that I have been carrying around.

My friends stayed around the fire for a while and then joined me with giggles and smiles. We were all quite giddy with the experience of the day. There were a few giggle fits before we all snoozed off in to nod land, I’m sure with smiles on each of our faces.
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