Blog Day One of teacher training – now we’ve started

Yesterday was my first day of yoga teacher training through the British Wheel of Yoga. After finishing my foundation course in June I instantly knew that I wanted to take it even further so I registered with Sarah as soon as I found her course.

After a couple of intro days and having the excitement of being accepted on to the course, yesterday it all came to a head when I waddled into the hall loaded with my bags. I was excited, nervous, all of the emotions you could imagine having on the first day of school. I had my folder, my new pens and an eager mind. As soon as my mat was down and I started to chat to the others that filtered in (I was early obviously, I am a geek!) I knew I was where I was supposed to be.

As if already planned as soon as the class started the sun filtered in through the large church like windows. As we played a name game to get to know each other’s names (I think I have about 10 completely down so far) the room warmed with the sunlight and the excitement coming from everyone.

The day was mostly spent going through the initial admin, looking at Kinesiology and Anatomy, looking at lesson planning, and my personal favourite the relaxation and Shavasana.

There’s a lot said about the typical yoga teacher, often the stereotype is this lovely looking young women, size 10 at most, long limbs, flowing hair, clothes slightly edge, you know the type. And yes there were some young women in the class, and with my bright pink leggings yes I would have the edgy side covered, that said there was a wonderful diversity around the room that you don’t get in many places. Women and men, people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’ up to their 60’s, willowy types, shorter and stubbier types (I am referencing myself there!) all backgrounds and locations. Rarely do you see such a beautiful array of people who have come together with a shared goal.

My nerves quickly disappeared and I felt a physical ease in the room, no judgement, no negativity, yes its three years and I am sure we will all have our off days however I can safely say that I am truly blessed to be embarking on such a journey with some lovely people.

As I made my way home with Anatomy and Kinesiology whizzing through my head it would have been easy to feel slightly overwhelmed however some deep breathes and some focused thinking I knew that with some hard work and dedication I can as cheesy as it sounds embrace my calling!